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Equipment Watch / Asset Intelligence APIs

The only API serving the content needs of the Construction Equipment, Lift/Access and Agricultural Equipment Markets

Integrate industry standard equipment cost recovery and internal charge rates

Foundational APIs providing critical taxonomical data and manufacturer and model database access

Retail Rental
API access to national, regional and rental-house specific equipment rental rates

API delivery of up-to-date market values and pricing data for heavy equipment

API access to the industry’s most comprehensive database of rich machine specifications

Market Data
Unique APIs providing access to raw equipment sales activity and market-derived utilization and popularity benchmarks

The industry’s only serial number decoding API for model year of manufacture verification

APIs to facilitate the import and export of user saved asset data

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EquipmentWatch Data Services Overview

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Sample Available APIs

GET Cost Recovery Rate

With a range of filtering inputs available, provides the ownership and operating costs, along with total/FHWA rate, for a given model/year combination

GET Models

Displays a list of models with date ranges

GET Rental Rates by Size Class

Displays current national avg. rental rates for any given size class

GET Value Trending

Displays current month value, as well as previous 5 months of values, for FMV, OLV, and FLV

GET Specs

Displays a rich, long list of all specs

GET Market Data Popularity

Displays the relative popularity of a given model. Provides data to build visualization

GET Year Verification

Provides model year of manufacture verification based on serial number input

GET Saved Models

Modify and move user saved asset and group data

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