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FleetSeek is a commercial trucking business intelligence platform with data including company contacts, vehicle/trailer details, safety and insurance, and industry classifications.

Commercial Trucking Fleets
Retrieve the complete power of FleetSeek data. Get fresh updates.

Operator Contact Details
Find contact information for the people you need to reach.

Crashes and Inspections
See details on trucks and trailers involved in crashes. See Federal and State Inspections records.

Browse all trucking fleets and operators.

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FleetSeek Data Services APIs Overview

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Available APIs

GET All Fleets

Returns all fleets based on your parameters.

GET Fleet Updates

Returns only fleets that have changed as of a given date.

GET Fleet Details

Returns all fleet characteristics for a given fleet.

GET Contact Details

Returns all contact information given a Contact ID.

GET Crash Reports

Returns all crashes and crash details for a given fleet.

GET Inspections

Returns all inspections and violations for a given fleet.

GET Taxonomy

Returns fleet options in categories from engine types to industry classifications for powerful modeling and integration.

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