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Equipment Watch Price Digests APIs

Data solutions that drive asset decisions. The most comprehensive equipment coverage in existence.

The industry’s only serial number decoding API for model year of manufacture verification

Foundational APIs providing critical taxonomical data and manufacturer and model database access

Market Data
Unique APIs providing access to raw equipment sales activity and market-derived utilization and popularity benchmarks

API access to the industry’s most comprehensive database of rich machine specifications

API delivery of up-to-date market values and pricing data for heavy equipment

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Price Digests Data Services Overview

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Sample Available APIs

GET Verification

Use this endpoint to decode a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

GET Classifications

Use this endpoint to verify high level taxonomy and associated IDs

GET Popularity

Use this endpoint to determine the relative popularity of a model based on observed activity on the resale channel

GET Specifications

Use this endpoint to access vehicle specifications based on a configurationId input

GET Value Trends

Use this endpoint to access vehicle market value trends over the last six revisions based on configurationId input

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